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Wijnne Barends signs follow-up order to outfit four more ships with the new innovative scrubber solution from Value Maritime.

Wijnne Barends has signed a contract to also outfit four sister-ships from the Lady Hester with the new innovative scrubber from Value Maritime. Installation will take place in March and May 2020.

After successful experience with the scrubber on the Lady Hester it was time to outfit Lady Helene, Lady Dawn, Lady Diane and Lammy with the same EGCS system from Value Maritime. All four ships will be outfitted with a 3.0MW Value Maritime scrubber solution

Founded in 1855, Wijnne Barends is one of the world’s oldest shipping companies. Proud of their past, they live entirely in the present. Decisive and creative. At Wijnne Barends a ‘can do’ mentality prevails: challenges are there to be taken up and maritime logistics issues to be solved.

Lady helene Wijnne barends
Lady “Helene”

Wijnne Barends stands for reliability and loyalty and with their strategic joint venture in the Spliethoff Group they stand to fulfil their promise worldwide. “Just add water. We’ll take care of the rest.”

Lady Hester with Value Maritime scrubber

“After thorough monitoring and testing of the VM scrubber on Lady Hester, Wijnne & Barends decided to order four more VM scrubbers for the sister vessels of this series”

Ad Toonen – Technical Director Wijnne Barends


Value Maritime has reinvented scrubbing and will deliver a hybrid ready Scrubber system.

They have developed a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” EGCS in a 20ft transportable casing, that filters Sulphur and ultrafine particulate matter (PM 2.5) from a vessel’s exhaust gasses. The system assures compliance with the IMO 0.1% Sulphur cap (SECA).

The EGCS comes in three sizes suitable for vessels with different engine size. These include: 3.0MW (0.1%), 6.0MW (0.1%) and 9.0MW (0.1%). Read more about Value Maritime’s new scrubbing technique

The scrubbers ordered by Wijnne & Barends are set to be installed in March and May 2020, only months after the IMO 2020 goes into effect on January 1st.

In our production facility we have secured capacity for 50 VM scrubbers per year.
Production slots are available for delivery  Q1 & Q2 2020.

For more information on pricing and financing options for our Value Maritime Scrubber system >> please contact us.