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Governance at Value Group

Governance at Value Group

To assist all stakeholders in the maritime industry, notably shipowners and operators, to achieve valuable emission reductions, financial savings and to comply with current – and future environmental regulations.
We do this by developing as simple as possible technological “plug and play” solutions both for onboard the vessel as well as onshore, that economically combat shipping’s emissions.

Dramatically decrease the environmental footprint of shipping and significantly contribute to improving the overall sustainability of the maritime industry.
We strive towards implementation of new technologies that attribute to a circular economy as quickly as possible.

  • Simplicity
  • Passion for Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Succeed Together
  • Innovation

Value Group’s General Business Principles govern how each of the separate companies which make up the Value Group conducts its affairs.

Our objectives are to make the global maritime industry more sustainable by developing smart technological “plug and play” and “one stop shop” solutions that economically combat shipping’s emissions. We are striving for as simple as possible standard products and tailormade services which help our clients to comply with the increasing requirements regarding environmental regulations on national, regional and global level.

Our shared Core Values as mentioned previously underpin all the work we do and are the foundation of our Business Principles. The Business Principles apply to all transactions and drive the behaviour expected of every employee in every Value Group company in the conduct of its business at all times. We are judged by how we act. Our reputation will be upheld if we act in accordance with the law and the Business Principles.

Please view our full Corporate Governance document here: