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Filtree System

Value Maritime has developed the Filtree System for small and medium-sized ships based on new unique technology that, in addition to sulphur, also filters ultra-fine particulates and CO2 from the air. It consists of two elements. First of all, a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” gas cleaning system in a road transportable housing. This system filters the sulphur, 99% of the particulate matter (fine dust) and CO₂ from the exhaust gases of ships. Secondly, the Filtree system is equipped with a filter that cleans the washing water. Oil residues and particulate matter are removed from the washing water and fed to the sludge tank. The system ensures that the PH value of the used washing water is neutralised and, in combination with a lower CO2 emission, contributes to reducing the acidification of the seawater. We are proud that our Filtree system cleans both air and water!

Because the Filtree System removes sulfur from the exhaust gas flow, ship operators can continue to use the existing high-sulphur fuel instead of the more expensive low-sulphur fuel. The use of this existing fuel therefore saves fuel costs and has a positive effect on the maintenance and performance of the engine. The system ensures compliance with the IMO 0.1% sulphur cap (SECA).

Besides sulphur, the Filtree System also captures CO₂ from the vessels exhaust, preparing your vessel for future regulations on CO₂ and decreasing your vessel’s CO2 footprint

Our Filtree System is available in eight sizes, suitable for ships with different engine sizes from 3.0 MW up to 15.0 MW.


Value Maritime’s system is based on an innovative and patented technology to remove CO₂ from the vessels exhaust gas. The CO₂ is used to charge Value Maritime’s CO₂ Battery; an onboard storage facility which can charge and discharge CO₂ infinitely. The charged CO₂ Battery will be offloaded in ports and transported to CO₂ customers (eg agricultural sector) who “re-use” the CO₂. After CO₂ discharge, the CO₂ Battery returns to the vessel, to be recharged with CO₂; A 100% circular solution!

Plug & Play Installation

Our specialists supervise the entire process, advise, supply the required material, the engineering and everything is professionally installed. The casing consists of the Filltree System and all pre- installed and commissioned equipment (water and gas analysis, monitoring and control equipment) and is installed and commissioned without docking in 10 days.

Maintenance & Service

We also check the system after installation, adjustments can be made remotely and of course we are ready to provide you with maintenance and service work. We are at your side throughout the process, as a “member of your crew”.

CO2 Battery Logistics

Value Maritime takes care of the CO₂ Battery logistics in various ports collecting charged CO₂ Batteries and providing uncharged new CO₂ Batteries ready to be charged.

Benefits of our systems


Value Maritime offers a full service package, including the turnkey installation of the Filtree System (including the CO₂ Capture Module if requested) and CO₂ Batteries on board the ship. Thanks to the “plug and play” concept, we are able to pre-install and  pre-commission the systems, which makes the installation process much simpler and faster compared to the conventional systems.

Value Maritime supervises the entire process, advise, supply the required material, the engineering and everything is professionally installed. The systems are installed and  fully commissioned without docking in 10 days.

Filtree System financing

At our core, we strive to provide solutions that are simple. This also applies to the financing of our systems. As with solar panels, for example, we offer three financial solutions for using our systems:

Agreement type Ownership Maintenance included Payment
Buy Lumpsum
Lease Monthly fixed fee, no upfront costs
Fuel Saving Agreement Monthly % of fuel saving, no upfront costs

Value Maritime - Filtration Reinvented - Pre-installation

Checkout this video and see how our “plug and play ”Filtree System is pre-installed and pre-commissioned in our warehouse.

Our Filtree Systems:

Filtree system

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Filtree System financing:


Thanks to the standardisations and simplicity of the plug and play system we have developed, the total cost for the Filtree System including installation is far lower than that of other traditional exhaust gas cleaning system retrofits.


The all-inclusive modular concept supports financing arrangements independent from the present ship’s financing.


Possibility for vessel operators (shipowners, charterers or shipmanagers) to Buy, Lease or Full Saving Arrangement the complete installation including retrofit. After a period the Filtree System can be removed from the vessel and placed on another vessel making it suitable also for older vessels.

3.0MW 6.0MW 9.0MW
15-17 months 10-12 months 8-10 months

We are more than happy to tell you about our Filtree System, CO₂ solutions and financing options.

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