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Value Maritime believes that with new technological, innovative and financeable solutions we can decrease the environmental footprint and contribute to improved competitiveness of vessel operators in the maritime industry.

What we offer

Value Maritime Filtree System

Value Maritime is a young, transparent and innovation-driven company with a team of experienced engineers and financial experts. Value Maritime is a member of your crew and offers a plug-and-play concept with the Filtree System and financial solutions to unburden vessel operators and decrease their environmental footprint. Vessel operators who want optimal financial returns and who want to contribute to a better environment by capturing CO₂ / SOx / PM, choose Value Maritime's unique technology!

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Value Maritime Delivering Value Maritime Filtree System. Perfect fit!


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Een afzuigkap voor vieze stookolie om de scheepvaart te verduurzamen

Zeeschepen wachten tot de scheepvaart heeft uitgeknobbeld wat de groenste brandstof is? Reder Douwe Visser uit Sneek vaart nu al schoner,…

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VALUE MARITIME announces installation of the world’s first onboard CO₂ capture and storage unit on an operational vessel!

Value Maritime has developed an onboard CO₂ Capture and Storage solution for the Maritime Industry. A Capture Module captures CO₂…

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After thorough monitoring and testing of the Filtree System on the Lady Hester, Wijnne & Barends decided to order four more systems for the sister vessels of this serie


Technical Director Wijnne & Barends

"To improve our position on the freight market, we have decided to equip our ship with a Value Maritime Filtree System. We have also opted for a Value Maritime Filtree System because of its plug and play concept. The system is easy to install with a very short installation time."


Captain/Owner Rederij Wantij

“We have been investigating scrubbers from their beginning and found the retrofit too complex and too expensive, with the Filtree System from Value Maritime installation is more simple and costs are more in line with the size of our ships."


Visser Shipping

We have looked at scrubbers for our fleet before, but conventional systems did not fit our vessels and were financially and environmentally not an interesting option. Whereas Value Maritime ticks all the boxes.

Johan Boomsma

Director Boomsma Shipping BV.