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Norway: New Study Confirms Scrubbers Would Aid Global CO2 Reduction

Using scrubbers while burning residual fuels would help reduce global CO2 levels, a new study published by Norwegian researchers confirmed….

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Spliethoff says low sulphur fuels will lead to higher CO2 emissions

With 2020 fast approaching, more and more shipping companies are communicating how they intend to comply with the upcoming sulphur…

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New Shipping Fuel Rules Are Starting to Rock the Oil Market

They may still be six months away, but new rules on marine fuels are already sending shock-waves through the little-known…

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Proud to be among the final three nominees for the Maritime Innovation Award 2019

Five prestigious prizes from the Dutch Maritime Industry are awarded each year during the Maritime Awards Gala. One of these…

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Value Maritime ECGS solves the main problems faced when financing a scrubber.

How to finance a scrubber? Installation is not the only challenge when it comes to retrofitting a scrubber on an…

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Ports withdraw scrubber ban following publication of academic research

Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (CSA 2020) has received written approvals and no-objection letters from several Port Authorities around the world…

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