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For which ship engines is the Filtree System suitable?

The Filtree System is suitable for engine sizes between 2.0 and 15.0 MW. 

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Do you need to replace filters on the Filtree System?

No, the Filtree System is designed in a way that it automatically cleans it filters and the residue is stored…

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Does the Filtree System also fit on smaller ships?

Yes, the system is compact due to its new technology and also suitable for smaller ships. Ship types such as…

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Will high sulfur fuel remain available?

High sulfur fuel is a by-product of the refining process and will last for a long time. The producers will provide a…

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Which problem do you actually solve?

Within shipping there is a need to arrive at a sustainable solution, which will reduce air pollution and the acidification…

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What is the Filtree System “Plug and Play” concept?

The Filtree System is a plug-and-play concept and consists of standard modules and materials. This means a quick installation and few modifications…

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