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Value Maritime to decarbonise two ForestWave general cargo sister ships

-Press Release- 09 July 2024

Value Maritime advances ForestWave sustainability strategy with the supply of two 3MW Filtree Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) and Carbon Capture units for the general cargo vessels FWN Sea and FWN Sun.

Value Maritime (VM) is collaborating with ForestWave, a prominent player active in the multipurpose shortsea segment, to retrofit two 10,600 DWT general cargo vessels with VM’s advanced emission reducing Filtree EGCS system and integrated Carbon Capture unit.

Home installation

This marks the first contract between Value Maritime and ForestWave. The Filtree system with carbon capture and storage technology, capable of capturing up to 10% of CO2 emissions, will be installed on the FWN Sea and FWN Sun at the Value Maritime quay in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The plug-and-play Filtree unit, which includes the carbon capture feature, is based on unique and patented technology. Its compact design differentiates it from other exhaust gas cleaning systems, allowing for easy installation on these types of vessels.
ForestWave has opted for a next generation 3MW Filtree with a 10% carbon capture rate and the option to upgrade to a 30% carbon capture rate. The CO2 will be collected in a dedicated tank onboard. The installations are scheduled for late 2024, with close collaboration between the two companies ensuring a seamless process.

Shipping it green

The Filtree system is based on innovative technology that filters sulphur, CO2 and 99% of ultra-fine particulate matter from the vessels’ exhaust streams. The CO2 capture and storage system will help to reduce emissions further. With this, CO2 is captured from the vessel’s exhaust and stored in tanks onboard. This is then discharged onshore where it can be used, for example, in the sustainable cultivation of greenhouse crops, in methanol plants, or stored underground.

Added value

Caspar van Overklift, Manager ESG – ForestWave said, “We look forward to welcoming the EGCS and Carbon Capture units onboard our ships. We are excited about the concept of onboard capturing and storage and the opportunities it brings, and we look forward to gaining experience as the market for captured CO2 matures”.

Maarten Lodewijks, Co-Founder – Value Maritime commented, “We would like to thank ForestWave for their collaboration. It is a privilege for all of us at Value Maritime to work with a Dutch shortsea shipping frontrunner who shares our sustainable vision. Green shipping waits for no one and ForestWave recognises the importance of acting now.”

About ForestWave
ForestWave was founded in 2003 and has grown rapidly since 2011. Active in the multi-purpose shortsea segment, the majority of the vessels they operate are in the size between 4.000 and 12.500 ton carrying capacity, fly Dutch flag, and have ice class and cranes. These vessels are operated mainly in European waters and the Atlantic Basin.

ForestWave activities include commercial management (35 vessels), technical and crew management (24 vessels) and ship owning. Today they employ an office staff of 48 people and on board of its vessels about 250 seafarers. Its focus is to offer our customers excellent and spot on service and to operate the vessels efficiently by operating and manning these with well trained and flexible personnel in order to not only meet the expectations of the charterers and the owners but also go the extra mile. Since 2019 it has been awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
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