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Value Carbon partners with Evos to build future proof carbon storage tanks

Value Maritime’s sister company, Value Carbon, and Evos, an independent liquid bulk storage provider, have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI), for building two 2,000 m3 storage tanks for absorption liquids to accommodate Value Carbon’s growing CO2 recycling business.

Value Carbon manages the whole carbon value chain from captured carbon to utilisation and/or storage with a focus on locations where the carbon is captured and the most energy-efficient way to utilise or store it at the lowest possible cost per tonne.

Currently, the Value Group utilises on-board ISO-containers, primarily on container feeder vessels. The captured carbon is then delivered to the horticulture industry/greenhouses in the Netherlands and extracted on site.

To facilitate further development, Value Carbon was looking for a central location, in the Port of Rotterdam, where it could receive, store, treat and redeliver carbon captured onboard of ships via the Filtree and Carbon Capture system.

Making the difference together

Value Carbon found the opportunity in its partner company Evos. The Evos terminal in Rotterdam enjoys an advantageous proximity to the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal (RST) in the Eemhaven and deepsea terminals at the Maasvlakte.

It is strategically positioned next to CO2 infrastructure, with ready access to essential steam and electricity supplies. The surrounding area hosts a cluster of experts specialising in CO2 processing, providing valuable support for the purification, liquefaction, and storage of CO2, all key to realising the growth of Value Carbon.

This exciting collaboration capitalises on Evos’ robust sustainable portfolio, harnessing the company’s adeptness in managing and processing products, particularly a novel product, with effectiveness and efficiency.

The goal of this new partnership is to construct two storage tanks with an adjacent CO2 park for the purification, liquification, and storage of CO2, complete with the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the loading and discharging of trucks and barges to harness growth potential. The project is planned to be completed in the first half of 2026.

Step forwards for carbon recycling

“This partnership is a promising development that will help both Value Carbon and Evos work towards our shared sustainability goals. Having a central location such as this, where the entire process of treatment, storage and redelivery can take place offers a considerable boost in efficiency, especially given the strategic nature of the location, with easy access to road, rail and water for redelivery. As such, this move represents a significant step forward for storage and re-use of carbon.” Rolf Bakker – Value Carbon

“To be able to support the flow of CO2 in integrated infrastructure in the Westland is an exciting and great opportunity. Partnering up with Value Carbon aligns seamlessly with our joint dedication to mitigating carbon emissions and creating additional value. The collaboration presents an excellent opportunity to uncover synergies, and we eagerly anticipate the collaborative development of our cooperation in the years ahead.” Edgar Leenen – Evos

Value Carbon
Value Carbon (VC) is fully focused on revolutionising shore-based carbon handling, re-use and storage services for shipping companies and factories.
The experienced team provides certified carbon services including carbon offtake (sea-based and land-based), carbon processing, carbon transportation, carbon reuse, carbon storage, carbon certification and carbon trading.

About Evos
Evos is a leading liquid energy and chemicals storage company. Its prime focus is on powering customers’ businesses by delivering flexible and sustainable solutions that enable the constant flow of goods and resources. This is achieved through a network of leading tank terminals in strategic locations across Europe, with a combined storage capacity of 6.3 million cbm. The terminals are located in the Netherlands (Amsterdam (2x), Rotterdam, Terneuzen), Belgium (Ghent), Germany (Hamburg), Malta and Spain (Algeciras).
Evos constantly develops and invests in energy efficiency and renewable technology. We also embody a philosophy of continuous improvement that has established our company among the best in class for HSSEQ and service performance.
Founded in 2019 Evos is owned by investment funds managed by Igneo Infrastructure Partners, a long-term oriented infrastructure asset manager. Evos has a total headcount of 675 employees.
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