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Scrubbing Reinvented by Value Maritime – Retrofit Scrubber installation in 9 days

Scrubbing with a Green and Financial Dividend!

Value Maritime believes that with new technological, innovative and financeable solutions, we can decrease environmental footprint and contribute to improved competitiveness of vessel operators in the maritime industry.

Lady hester pulg and play scrubber instalation

The two founders of Value Maritime, Christiaan Nijst & Maarten Lodewijks have known each other from youth and both have proven track records in the shipping- and oil & gas industry.

They have reinvented scrubbing for the Maritime sector by developing a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” EGCS in a 20ft transportable casing, which filters the sulphur and ultrafine particulate matter (PM 2.5) from the exhaust gasses of vessels. The system assures compliance with the IMO 0,1% sulphur cap (SECA).

In this article we will show you how we were able to do a retrofit scrubber installation on board The Lady Hester in just 9 days.


Retrofit Installation of Value Maritime Scrubber onboard the Lady Hester

Christiaan Nijst value maritime
lady hester pul and play scrubber
Control room scrubber

Christiaan Nijst (ir.) MIT

Christiaan is the technical brain behind the reinvented “scrubber” technology. Operating from his background as a Chemical Engineer and a former Shell employee

The preinstalled VM Scrubber arrived by truck from Holland and was simply placed onboard the Lady Hester, after which the 20ft casing was mounted to a supporting structure on the deck.

The seawater inlet and outlet were installed on the ship and connected to the container, and a three way valve was placed on the exhaust connecting to the Scrubber.

Lastly, it was time to start the commissioning. Together with a surveyor from Lloyds, all the necessary tests were conducted.

With green lights on the dashboard and approval by Lloyds, it was time for the Lady Hester to set sail and put the scrubber to work in the open seas.

Every 30 seconds the data is stored and also sent ashore. From the moment the Lady Hester left the shore, we have confirmed full compliance with the MEPC requirements.”

Gerrit Jan van Ommen. (ing.) Naval Architect.

Gerrit Jan has worked for many years in various positions worldwide for Lloyds & Damen Shipyards. For the last years he was working as retrofit program manager at the Spliethoff Group. Where he was responsible for the retrofit of about 20 vessels and the preparation of another 40 vessel of the group

As you can see we can even do it afloat. You don’t need a dry dock!”

“The modular Concept, and the type of scrubber as we have it make it possible that by de-balasting the ship we can bring here up high enough to do the retrofit afloat. That makes this kind of scrubber retrofit not just fast but also convenient to be done anywhere you please.”

The Value maritime Scrubber consists of a transportable module which houses all components you will need to run the scrubber; with the exception of:

  • Seawater feed pumps. In most cases your current Ballast / General service pumps can be used.
  • Piping for the feed water and the wash water discharge
  • One electric cable for the power supply (approx 34kW), LAN cable for the slave HMI (supplied by Value Maritime and to be placed at a position in the ER to your convenience), alarm connections to the ship’s system (fire detectors and alarm column are in the casing)
  • Exhaust gas line three-way damper plus by-pass piping from ME exhaust to casing (position of by-pass pipe indicated on side view of GA).
  • The supporting and securing structure.

This modular concept makes installation very simple either during new building or retrofit.

It enables you to plan installation to meet your program and to have a standard system that covers your entire fleet (existing- and new build vessels). It further allows you to move the units from ship to ship at moderate costs should you need to.

Maarten Lodewijkse Value maritime
Gasoil-versus HFSO forward curve

Maarten Lodewijks (drs, msr, RA, MBA)

Maarten is a financial expert with a solid background as a graduate economist and a qualified registered accountant. He finished his MBA Executive Program at Harvard Business School while working at Rederij Spliethoff where he was responsible for corporate finance. 

Not only can a full installation of our modular scrubber be done in a short time, but financing is also easier.

IMO 2020 is getting closer so for those looking for a solution for their fleet, please do contact us. Our customers are ship-owners, managers or charterers with vessels that have (multiple) engines from 2.0 MW to 9.0 MW. We will be more than happy to discuss how our scrubber could work for you and which financial solutions are possible.

The price difference, capturing sulphur and ultrafine particulate matters plus the finance ability of our scrubber solution gives us exactly the double dividend Value Maritime stands for.

“The price difference, capturing sulphur and ultrafine particulate matters plus the finance ability of our scrubber solution gives us exactly the double dividend Value Maritime stands for.”

Source : Value Maritime -dec 12 2018