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Hi there Lady Diana!

Great to see Wijnne Barends’s Lady Diana again! This time in sunny Scheveningen.

Lady Diana is equiped with our Filtree Unit which comes with a hybrid ready clean loop system and reduces SOx, CO2 and PM (Black Carbon).

With smart financing solutions generating a positive cash flow from day one.

Filtree System

Value Maritime has developed a system that cleans both air and water. It consists of two elements. First of all, a small prefabricated, pre- installed, “plug and play” gas cleaning system in a road transportable housing with unique new technology.

This system filters the sulfur and 99% of the particulate matter (fine dust) from the exhaust gases of ships. Second, the Filtree system is equipped with a filter that cleans the wash water. Oil residues and particulate matter are removed from the washing water and fed to the sludge tank. The system ensures that the PH value of the used washing water is neutralized and, in combination with a lower CO2 emission, contributes to reducing the acidification of the seawater.

For more information on our system check out our services page or download our product leaflet.

MV Frisiana enjoying the view in Rotterdam