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Class approved new scrubber technology from Value Maritime.

Lloyds has approved certification for the new Value Maritime scrubber system.

On 12 February 2019, Value Maritime received the International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP) certificate from Lloyds for its scrubber system. Most of the tests required to obtain certification had been performed during installation. Since the Value Maritime scrubber uses a new innovative technology, we had to further demonstrate its performance outside SECA in order to receive class approval.

Lady Hester

To this end, the scrubber system was put to test under diverse and extreme conditions on the first vessel on which it was installed. This was undertaken while the vessel was doing its voyages between the Netherlands and Russia. Value Maritime has a live data connection with the system allowing us to monitor all data remotely. In addition, our commissioning engineer was onboard to train the crew during the first voyage.

Scrubbing with a Green and Financial Dividend!

The scrubber performance exceeded our expectations substantially and ensures compliance with the IMO 0,1% Sulphur cap (SECA) for vessels from 2.0 MW to 9.0 MW.

We are currently finalizing new commercial orders for our Scrubber system and look forward to supplying many vessels across the world in the coming years; and help reduce costs for shipping companies while preserving the environment.

Value Maritime believes that with new technological, innovative and financeable solutions, we can decrease environmental footprint and contribute to improved competitiveness of vessel operators in the maritime industry.


In the entire discussion about banning scrubbers in ports and coastal waters, we feel authorities forget the harmful effect that ultra-fine particulate matter has on people and the environment. The exhaust from Marine Gas Oil has an even higher count of ultra-fine particulate matter and thus poses an increased health risk. Our unique scrubber system also filters ultra-fine particulate matter and will therefore benefit the environment while operating in ports and coastal waters using either Marine Gas Oil or HFSO”

“Regarding  open- or closed loop systems. We see that shipowners mostly decide to choose their scrubbers hybrid ready. We have prepared our scrubber to be compatible as an openloop, closed loop or hybrid system, depending on the customers preference.

IMO 2020 is getting closer so for those looking for a solution for their fleet, please do contact us. Our customers are ship-owners, managers or charterers with vessels that have (multiple) engines from 2.0 MW to 9.0 MW. We will be more than happy to discuss how our scrubber could work for you and which financial solutions are possible.

Pre-installation of Value Maritime Scrubber

Video about the specs & pre-installation of the system in our warehouse.

Read everything about the specs & pre-installation of the system in our warehouse in this article.

Retrofit Scrubber installation on Lady Hester

Video about how we were able to do a retrofit scrubber installation on board The Lady Hester in just 9 days.

Read more about how we were able to do a retrofit scrubber installation on board The Lady Hester in just 9 days in this article.

Source : Value Maritime – Feb 14 2019