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CO₂ Capture and CO₂ Battery

CO₂ Solution

Value Maritime has developed the CO₂ Capture module; a module that captures CO₂ from the vessel’s exhaust. The module will be integrated in Value Maritime’s Filtree System; a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” gas cleaning system in a road transportable housing.

Value Maritime’s technology is based on a carrier to scrub the CO₂ from the exhaust gas. The CO₂ is used to charge Value Maritime’s CO₂ Battery; an onboard storage facility which can charge and discharge CO₂ infinitely. The charged CO₂ Battery will be offloaded in ports and transported to CO₂ customers (eg agricultural sector) or CO₂ storage facilities. After CO₂ discharge, the CO₂ Battery returns to the vessel, to be recharged with CO₂; A 100% circular infrastructure!

Total percentage of CO₂ on board of the vessel is flexible and you can up- and downscale total amount of CO₂ capture at any point in time.

Plug & Play Installation

The CO₂ Capture Module is integrated in the Filtree System and our specialists supervise the entire installation, advice and engineering process. The required CO₂ Batteries are delivered, installed and ready to be operated.

CO₂ Infrastructure

We handle to entire CO₂ infrastucture. We make sure that CO₂ Batteries are loaded and offloaded, provide the specific infrastructure and keep close contact with CO₂ customers and discharge of the CO₂ Batteries. We are at your side throughout the process, as a “member of your crew”.

Benefits of our CO₂ solution

Turn-key installation and flexible operation

Value Maritime offers a full service package, including the turnkey installation of the Filtree System with our CO₂ Capture Module and CO₂ Batteries on board the vessel. We take care of the entire infrastructure of offloading, transport, discharge and onboarding of the CO₂ Batteries, such that you can focus on running your core business.

We will start loading and offloading the CO₂ Batteries in the Port Of Rotterdam and will expand the infrastructure to Bremen Haven and Hamburg quickly. Discharging in another port? Just let us know where your vessel docks regularly and we will set up the CO₂ infrastructure locally.

The total desired percentage of CO₂ capture on board is flexible and you can up- and downscale the total amount of CO₂ capture at any point in time, making sure that you capture the exact amount of CO₂ in line with your business strategy.

Financial Business Case

We believe that transitioning to a sustainable Maritime Industry, goes best when there is a financial business case behind new and sustainable technologies. Our CO₂ solution, together with the financial benefits of our Filtree System, will be financial attractive. With projected upcoming CO₂ Emissision Trading System and the option for shipping companies to offer CO₂ free transport to their clients, we expect the financial benefit to further increase over time.

CO₂ Battery Infrastructure

Checkout how the agriculture sector benefits from the CO₂ charged to Value Maritime's CO₂ Battery

3.0MW 6.0MW 9.0MW
15-17 months 10-12 months 8-10 months

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