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Welcome Diederick Blom!

Diederick Blom

23 February 2022

Value Maritime warmly welcomes Diederick Blom who joins us as Client Liaison this month. With an extensive network of maritime players in search of the best sustainable shipping solution, Diederick aims to showcase our unique technology to the movers of the industry.

He joins us most recently from Samskip where he was Interim CEO, Chief Operating Officer and Trade Director for fourteen years – it’s safe to say he knows shipping having also worked with Visbeen Transport, Norfolk Line, and Maersk over his seasoned career.

Commenting on his new role, Diederick Blom says:
I am very excited to join this entrepreneurial company where the people are really making a difference. Now is the right time for industry stakeholders to make their move towards the energy transition. We’re here to guide shipowners through the process and help them reduce their carbon footprint immediately with proven technology and the ability to earn back their investment quickly.”

We trust in Diederick’s leadership and valuable strategic knowledge and know that he has faith in us as a team of innovators. A true Rotterdamer, Diederick lives a life of action not words, and has a habit of making things happen! Watch out as we grow Value Maritime worldwide together!