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What is remote monitoring and control of Filtree System?

The Remote monitoring & control system ensures that any problems or upgrades can be solved remotely. In addition, performance can…

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What is the maintenance & service like for Filtree System?

This is included in the price so that customers are relieved. 

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What do the process steps of a turnkey delivery look like?

– Vessel survey / 3D scanning  – Filtree System choice  – Engineering  – Installation planning and site selection  – Installation 

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Which ships have currently a Filtree System?

Filtree Systems have been running on several coasters and container feeders for a number of years.

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Who takes care of the installation of the Filtree System?

Value Maritime takes care of engineering, material delivery and installation of the Filtree System on board your ship. 

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What is the delivery time for a Filtree System?

The delivery time in combination with installation preparation is approximately 4 to 5 months after signing the agreement. 

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