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Product Overview Value Maritime Scrubbers

Value Maritime developed a small prefabricated, pre-installed, “plug and play” EGCS in a road transportable casing, that filters the Sulphur and ultrafine particulate matter (99% PM10 & 90 % PM 2.5) from the exhaust gasses of vessels and reduces the CO2 impact by approximately 13%. The system assures compliance with the IMO 0,1% Sulphur cap (SECA).


Our EGCS comes in three sizes suitable for vessels with different engine size. 3.0MW, 6.0MW and 9.0MW.


6.0 MW scrubber



Plug & Play

The casing consists of the scrubber and all pre- installed and commissioned equipment (water and gas analysis, monitoring and control equipment).

Hybrid Ready

Our systems are hybrid ready and we can provide a closed-loop module in a similar size casing if preferred.

Benefits of our EGC system:


  • Modular and portable “plug and play” EGC unit in a class approved road transportable casing
  • Prefabricated, pre-installed & pre-commissioned
  • Compliance to 0,1% Sulphur CAP (SECA Area)
  • Also captures ultrafine particulate matter. (99% PM 10 & 90% PM 2.5)
  • Reduces the CO2 impact by approximately 13%
  • Suitable for smaller vessels
  • In most cases no need for dry-docking
  • Short installation time of 9-14 days (30% of conventional EGC Systems)
  • Limited engineering and project management costs (50% of conventional EGC Systems)
  • Use of existing water ballast pumps and sea inlet chest
  • Low energy use (0,5% energy efficiency loss)
  • No chemicals needed
  • Hybrid ready


  • Total cost for the scrubber system including installation is far lower than that of other existing scrubber retrofits
  • Financeable independent from the present ship’s financing
  • Equipment financing is possible (leasing)
  • Favorable payback times 10-17 months at current spread MGO/VLSFO – HSFO
  • Favorable ROI
  • Suitable for older vessels (15 – 20 years) as the EGCS can be sold or re-installed on a new vessels

Value Maritime - Scrubbing Reinvented - Pre-installation

Checkout this video and see how our “plug and play ”scrubber system is pre-installation and pre-commissioned in our warehouse.

Our scrubbers:

3.0 MW

Download product leaflet 3.0 Download design guide

6.0 MW

Download product leaflet 6.0 Download design guide

9.0 MW

Download product leaflet 9.0 Download design guide

Scrubber financing:


Thanks to the standardizations and simplicity of the plug and play system we have developed, the total cost for the scrubber system including installation is far lower than that of other existing scrubber retrofits. Our payback times are therefore also very favorable.


The all-inclusive modular concept supports financing arrangements independent from the present ship’s financing. Making leasing for the Value Maritime scrubber a viable and interesting option.


Possibility for charterers to lease the complete installation and let shipowners install the unit on it’s vessels at low installation costs. After the charter period the EGC unit can be sold back to Value Maritime (sale back option), sold to other (current) shipowner or installed on other charter vessel.

3.0MW 6.0MW 9.0MW
15-17 months 10-12 months 8-10 months

We are more than happy to tell you about our scrubber systems and financing options.

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