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Value Maritime ECGS solves the main problems faced when financing a scrubber.

How to finance a scrubber? Installation is not the only challenge when it comes to retrofitting a scrubber on an…

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Ports withdraw scrubber ban following publication of academic research

Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (CSA 2020) has received written approvals and no-objection letters from several Port Authorities around the world…

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Financial impact of IMO2020 on Fuel pricing and Cost Saving when sailing with a scrubber.

What are the financial impacts of IMO2020 on refining? The IMO2020 regulations lead to an increased demand for Gasoil (Low…

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Visser Shipping signs contract to outfit their three 9.0 MW container ships with new innovative EGCS from Value Maritime.

Visser Shipping has signed a contract to outfit their three 9.0 MW container ships with the new innovative Scrubber systems…

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Japanese Government and DNVGL Studies Shift Debate about Impact of Vessel Scrubber Discharge Water

Comprehensive studies regarding the environmental effects of discharges from vessel’s open-loop scrubbers released during the last several weeks by the…

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Class approved new scrubber technology from Value Maritime.

Lloyds has approved certification for the new Value Maritime scrubber system. On 12 February 2019, Value Maritime received the International…

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