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MV Energy to receive filter and carbon capture system

22 March 2022

We have signed another agreement with JR Shipping for the further decarbonisation of their fleet.

This summer, our advanced filter and carbon capture system will be installed on their container feeder vessel MV Energy.

Previously, we announced that container feeder vessel MV Endeavor will also be equipped with the same filter and carbon capture system. JR Shipping and Value Maritime are building momentum and combining their knowledge and resources to take significant steps in the decarbonisation of short sea shipping. Both companies endorse the urgency to strongly reduce the emissions in the international shipping industry.

The JR Shipping Group is following two tracks. On the one hand, the shipping company recently launched its ECO Feeder newbuilding programme, based on innovative designs, and prepared for the future transition to clean and new fuel applications. Value Maritime’s filter technology also plays a role in the innovative JR Shipping ECO Feeder concept.

The second track that the JR Shipping Group is focusing on is making existing vessels more sustainable. Container feeder vessels Endeavor and Energy are the first.

Major advantages for the container feeder charter market are:
✅ Full compliance with sulphur emission regulations while still operating on cost-efficient fuel.
✅ In addition to sulphur, particulate matter is also filtered from the exhaust gases, which provides an additional environmental benefit.
✅ CO₂ is stored and re-used with the capture and storage module, which reduces the vessel’s ecological footprint.

The JR Shipping Group and Value Maritime will continue to cooperate to capitalise on any opportunity that arise – no matter how small – to contribute to less pollution in shipping activities.